He’s Gonna Blow!

Today a few facts about male ejaculation. Since your body can’t do this (female ejaculation is different) you have no way to know these unless you’re told!

He's Gonna Blow!

  • Pre-orgasm leakage: During arousal, men produce a bit fluid that is designed to change the pH of the urethra, making it more hospitable for sperm. The amount of “pre-come” varies from man to man and from one time to another. In general, the more aroused he is, the more he will leak. If you get him flowing more than usual you’re making feel very good, but it is relative. Some men make a mess just kissing, others never see more than a drop. The amount of fluid a man releases when aroused drops with age.
    There has been a lot of debate about the possibility of getting pregnant from pre-come. Most men have no semen in this fluid, and those who do have small amounts. I suspect you have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting pregnant from pre-come, but if you really don’t want to get pregnant consider it possible.
  • The Warning: Ever wonder if he can tell you he’s about to climax, why he can’t stop? Blame terminology. Men tend to think of “coming” as the moment when semen leaves the penis. In reality, ejaculation starts a bit sooner than that. Ejaculatiuon is actually a two-stage process made up of emission and expulsion. During emission, the bladder is closed off and fluid from the prostate and the vas deferens are mixed together. Then contractions cause the semen to be ejected during the expulsion stage. He feels the emission stage even though there is no outward sign of it happening. And once it starts, there is no way to stop the process.
  • Cut Short: Occasionally an ejaculation gets cut short. Generally, this is a result of a change in stimulation at a critical point. This results in a weak orgasm and the feeling of not ejaculating properly. It’s not horrible, but it’s a let down and it leaves him feeling a bit wrong down there. If he’s able and you’re willing, a second go will make things better. BTW, when this happens a guy who is usually one and done may be able to go again.
  • Not Empty Yet: If it’s been a while since he ejaculated, one shot won’t empty his reserves. This can result in him wanting to go again in a couple of hours, or seeming hornier then next morning than he was the night before. 
  • Blast vs. Dribble:  How far his semen shoots is to some degree a measure of how good his orgasm is; the better the orgasm, the stronger the ejaculation. However, this is very much age-related, and a drop in force of ejaculation is one of the first changes men see in their sexuality as they grow older. In addition to this, the amount of semen lesses with age.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and now you know!

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  1. This is a easily understood explanation. Thank you.

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