Why He Wants His Mouth Down There

Last week I explained why he wants your mouth between his legs. This week let’s talk about why he wants his mouth between your legs.

Why He Want His Mouth Down There

There are a few men out there who don’t like doing oral, but they are rare. If your husband hasn’t expressed a clear dislike for it, you can assume he’s okay with it. In fact, the odds are he would really like to do it. When we did a survey on this, 10% of the men said doing oral on their wife makes them horny, and 74% said it makes them very horny.  What’s more, half of the men said they would like to do oral sex on their wife more often than they are doing it. That would mean it’s the wife who is limiting the act.

One common reason women say no to oral is concerns about how they might smell/taste. In another of our surveys, 41% of men said they like the smell/taste and 43% said they love it. Only 4% of men said they dislike the smell/taste. If this is a concern for you ask him to get a warm, wet washcloth and clean you up (trust me, he will enjoy doing that) or ask for oral after a shower.

BTW, 10% of women said they enjoy oral but can’t climax from it. And, about a quarter said it was good foreplay but they would rather orgasm during intercourse. If hubby is pushing to take you to orgasm with his mouth and you don’t’ want to, ask for it as foreplay and tell him when to move on.

The bottom line is a lot of men would do oral more often if their wife let them. Why not lie back and enjoy?

~ Paul – I’m XY, and it’s more blessed to give than to receive

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One Comment on “Why He Wants His Mouth Down There

  1. This is one of my favorite things to do for my wife. She is one of those 10% though, who rarely are able to orgasm from it. 99% of the time it takes too long and she gets frustrated, but every so often, it all works out perfectly and I get to bring her to climax this way. Those rare occasions make me feel like the best lover in the world!

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