Do A Little Parking

Now that the weather is getting better, find some opportunities to do a little loving in the car.

Do A Little Parking

I’m not talking about anything that could get you arrested here. Kiss at stoplights. Make out lightly for half a minute in the (dark) driveway. Or if you park in a garage do just enough to get his engine going and then suggest shifting to the bedroom.

~ Paul – I’m XY, I know most guys are into cars.

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4 Comments on “Do A Little Parking

  1. Too bad there aren’t bench seats in front anymore, and what my dad used to call the ‘two-headed driver’.

  2. When we were dating my wife was totally into getting down in the car……I miss that

    • When we were dating, my wife was into a lot of things. After the wedding things changed and I realized she didn’t get married for me. All the things we discussed were forgotten.

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