Make A Big Deal About His Penis

Being on Quora has reminded me how very hung up most men are about their penis. And it’s not just teenage boys, who could be excused, a lot of grown men are very worried about being big enough, or hard enough, or lasting long enough, or squirting enough, or squirting far enough (yes, really).

Make A Big Deal About His Penis

Before you poke fun that men are like this, think about all the body image issues women have. Men just put all of that onto one (little!) part of their body. 

And men have an additional problem since their penis is expected to “perform”. He thinks he has to get erect on command and avoid not getting erect when he fears she will get upset if she thinks he’s horny. In his mind, he is expected to last as long as she wants, but no longer. A man puts a lot of demands on his penis and usually assumes his wife does the same.

Size Fears

Then, of course, there’s the fact most men think the average penis size is considerably larger than it really is. The vast majority of men think they are undersized, and almost half of them are wrong. (For the record 5.1 inches is average.) So he is convinced he’s too small, even if he’s not, and he thinks size really matters a whole to his wife. A lot of men are convinced their penis is a disappointment to their wife and she says it’s not just to be nice or because telling the truth wouldn’t help.

So, sometime soon, wrap your hand around that thing and tell hubby how much you like it and what he does for you with it. Repeat every so often.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and I know men can get really messed up about this.

BTW, my friend J. Parker dealt with the size issue recently in Q&A with J: Doesn’t She Really Want a Bigger Penis?. Aside from being a great post, some of the comments are very good – especially for men who are worried. 

Speaking of sexual problems: A a couple of Christian sex therapists are writing a book about sex. You can help by doing a 5-minute anonymous survey.

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3 Comments on “Make A Big Deal About His Penis

  1. I’m worried my chest is too small. He’s worried his bits are too small. So we’re even and just enjoy what we have together.

  2. For men, they worry about one body part. Imagine if this body part was visible to everyone and women stared, made faces, and commented aloud. That is how many women feel on a daily basis. Imagine their wives then saying they are enough, as they continue to stare, and at times give their opinions. Yup, can relate to the insecurity men may feel.

    • I read a couple of articles about the demand for and rise of nude male anatomy in film and TV. In it they said that men are less likely to agree to frontal nudity for fear of judgement and the unpredictability of the anatomy. The articles went on to say that many male members seen on mainstream screen are actually prothstetics.

      Of course, female actresses use body doubles many times, and the newest trend is CGI. Actresses wear a green suit or nude suit and their nudity is digitally created.

      All of this creates a high standard of perfection while reducing negative judgement on the actual actor or actress.

      I do feel constantly judged while out and about. Even at home my body is consistently heavily scrutinized in my day to day activities. Of course, being my husband he views it all positively and says so. The equivalent would be that I keep a running commentary on my husband’s performance in his day to day activities. Even if all positive I am sure he would find it wearing and judgemental.

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