One Thing

Ask your husband “What is one thing you don’t understand about me?” Give him time to think and then say all he wants to say. Listen carefully and don’t interrupt unless you don’t understand. Then give him the best explanation you can for what he doesn’t understand about you.

One Thing

After you have explained, ask if you can tell him one thing you don’t understand about him. If he says yes, tell him, then give him all the time he needs to come up with his answer. Again, don’t interrupt unless you don’t understand.

~ Paul – I’m XY, and understanding is possible!

#CouplesQuestion: You want to take your spouse on an adventure. What’s the adventure?

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One Comment on “One Thing

  1. Just be sure it’s something you want to understand.

    There are things about me that my wife would rather not ken; the ability to have a genuine gratitude and cheerful acceptance in the face of an increasingly nasty road to death doesn’t fit into the things she grew up with, and to fully understand would also be to undermine things her parents taught her.

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