How About Date Morning?

Friends of ours have a weekly date morning. Both of them work, and having breakfast together at a restaurant on the way to both jobs is a great way to have a regular date. For them, it’s better than an evening date because their end of work times rarely sync. 

How About Date Morning?

Find a reasonably priced place and make it your breakfast date. If you happen to have a First Watch near you, give them a try – we learned of First Watch from these friends, and we really wish there was one near us. 

BTW, this is also a good Saturday option if you have kids old enough to leave for an hour but not for the evening. 

~ Paul – I’m XY, and any time is a good time for a date with my wife!

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One Comment on “How About Date Morning?

  1. This is usually something along the lines, of the dates DW and I have. The local grocery store we shop at has a little breakfast spot in one corner of the store. I’m fortunate that my wife, is the only woman I know that considers grocery shopping as a date. Sometimes we have breakfast there, sometimes we don’t, but she gets very disappointed if I even suggest that she might not want to go. Her ideal Saturday, is going shopping in the morning, followed by intimacy in the afternoon.

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